Being abducted by aliens was never on my bucket list. But I guess the aliens didn’t get that memo, because one night I was beamed aboard a UFO. It dumped me and a bunch of other girls on an alien planet.

jurassic planet where giant, murderous dinosaurs walk around and everything wants to kill me. My only hope of surviving is the first man I met here. His name is Jax’zan, and he’s an alien. 

And a caveman. As in, the hottest super-alpha caveman who ever lived. He’s big and strong and doesn’t talk much, but he’s saved my life so many times now that I’ve lost count. 
My insides turn to hot mush whenever he fixes his smouldering eyes on me, and the scandalously sexy and unusual features his sensationally muscular body is rocking totally make me forget time and place.

There’s only one problem: He’s holding me for ransom. And he wants to repopulate his woman-less planet. With me … 

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Harper Evans always wanted to go to space. Abducted by creepy aliens, and then crash landing on the planet that everyone just calls the Fire Planet? Not what she had in mind.

Her only company is an insanely hot alien barbarian warrior who doesn’t speak English, but who seems to have a thing for Harper. Because he keeps the worst of the lethal predators on the planet away from her while they’re running from a huge, ferocious wildfire that’s catching up with them fast.

The super confident barbarian has some extremely interesting features to his body, and he turns Harper on like no one else ever has. It’s just that he clearly thinks she’s his captive. And Harper doesn’t mind that as much as she probably should…

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